Study Tips Students - who want to be Topper


How to Get Topper in Class

Study Tips Students - Who want to be Topper

  1. First Read Syllabus Carefully.
  2. Make Strategies according to yours Strong and weak Area.
  3. Give more time to weak area and make some foot notes for quick revision.
  4. Make Time Table and Stickily Follow.
  5. After reading of weak topic explain yourself in front of mirror.
  6. Avoid time killing with friends and instruments like tv, mobile etc.
  7. Always take morning or evening walk.
  8. Keep your body fit, do Yoga, meditation, exercise.
  9. Our Mind will remember in three Steps majorly- 1 Fillings, 2 Audio  and 3 Video - so, if you want to remember anything connect directly with yours feeling.


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